Hulk Movie Review a Smashing Good Fun! Movie Not So Much.

The movie may be bad, but this review by Peter Bradshaw for the Guardian is pure gold:

"Hulk. Smash!" Yes. Hulk. Smash. Yes. Smash. Big Hulk smash. Smash cars. Buildings. Army tanks. Hulk not just smash. Hulk also go rarrr! Then smash again. Smash important, obviously. Smash Hulk's USP. What Hulk smash most? Hulk smash all hope of interesting time in cinema. Hulk take all effort of cinema, effort getting babysitter, effort finding parking, and Hulk put great green fist right through it. Hulk crush all hopes of entertainment. Hulk in boring film. Film co-written by star. Edward Norton. Norton in it. Norton write it. Norton not need gamma-radiation poisoning to get big head. Thing is: Hulk head weirdly small. Compared with rest of big green body.

Read the rest of the one-star review: Link - via Kottke

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Yeah, the review wasn't that funny. And I agree with the other fans of comic-book movies: they're meant to be comic-book movies! There's supposed to be a lot of action, a simple plot, and coincide with the comics. And this movie had all of those! I'm sorry if you didn't like it, but don't assume that just because you didn't like it others shouldn't or didn't.
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the review got old quick. i've seen two reviewers do that so far and so far none of them have stopped a bad joke half way through and proceed to take up an entire review of hulk speak. it's not funny after a while it's just annoying.
also i think he's actually right in spots but i disagree with him in other bits. i dot think the movie was kinda poor but only cause it was basically just one long fight scene that had no great choreography to it. yeah yeah i know hulk smashes and what not but at least give me a reason to care unlike the comic book where it doesn't matter what his motivation is. It wasn't the best mavel movie this year. that slot has to go to iron man.
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I remember the original show - he was like a one-man, green A-Team.

Comic book movies can't take themselves too seriously, or they start to get stupid, like certain parts of Spider Man 3.

At work, there's a girl with really big hair. She was not happy about something and banged a door on her way out of the main room. When she came back in, she had a look on her face that could kill. She has big shoulders, and was wearing a green blouse, and one co-worker whispered "Hulk smash" as she stalked by us.
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