While other college students deliver pizza to help pay for tuition, University of Colorado graduate Eric Osowski got another idea: he started a business delivering ... hookahs!

Launched last year, Deliver-a-Bowl rents hookahs -- Indian water pipes used for smoking tobacco or more illicit substances -- for $15 apiece, or $13 each for two or more. The pipes come with flavored tobacco; varieties include everything from peach, grape and guava to chocolate mint or Irish crème.

And when renters are finished, Deliver-a-Bowl comes back and picks the hookahs back up.

But don't you dare smoke something other than tobacco - the company will report you to the cops if one of their hookahs are used for illegal substance: Link - via Dave Barry's Blog (Photo: Cliff Grassmick)

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hookah is a great way to socialize, its not that bad and its better than cigarretes. i have one, it cost 50. its very cool to get together with some friends, smok, and talk. none of us blaze so its a good substitute.
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I think part of the lure of renting instead of buying one is the college demographic there. If you want to smoke a hookah very often and you're a regular mature adult with a house and a family and such, yeah, you'd probably money ahead to buy one outright. If you've got a hookah in your dining room or on the coffee table in the den, it's your house and your own business. But for college kids, many are still living under the scrutiny of the parents and other authorities like Dorm officials and such. They might want to use a hookah from time to time for get togethers or just to try it out of curiosity, but don't want to buy one and have to worry about explaining it to Mom and Dad or the RA when it's sitting out in their room. Even if you are genuinely only using it to smoke tobacco, you still don't want to try and convince your Mother of that when she sees it in the room she's paying room and board for. I think the rental appeal is in that it's a way to keep the hookah private.
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