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Silly parent. "Make the bed" is a pointless exercise and we all know it.

The dog should be walked because going for a walk with their humans is all the dog ever wants anyway -- it's their favoritest thing _ever_ -- so making "walk the dog" a chore is backwards, it ought to be a reward instead.

And vacuuming is horrible. No wonder the parent wants to pawn it off on the kids. No wonder the kids don't want to do it either.

But the kids will probably just use the pinnacle human achievement (well, after pre-sliced bread) on something stupid like FaceTwit or BookSpace.
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Nothing like mutilation to set a young kid straight. (Not to mention that play _is_ the child's work, to learn balance, eye-hand coordination, running, climbing, throwing, competition, cooperation, language, and creative problem solving.)

Less "boring" and more "malevolent".
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I don't begrudge the wealthy their wealth.

I do begrudge that the wealthy tend to pay an effective tax rate that is roughly half of my effective tax rate. I'm also upset that US taxpayers have subsidized Romney's Dressage horse.

It's time to get rid of the Capital Loss tax writeoffs (why do we subsidize losers again?) and bring Capital Gains and Dividend Income rates back up to the Earned Income rates.
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This is a win-win! Shove 35 kids per teacher into a room and then when the kids fail to learn, take back some of the teacher's pay! It'll be way cheaper than the alternative of doubling the numbers of teachers and paying them enough money to raise a family... That'd be silly.
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If the family's version of events is true, that teacher ought to be fired. It's bad enough the schools are filled with teenagers without the teachers also being petty dicks.
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Ooh! That's the first table at the popular "Handles Of The World" museum in Handelburg, Germany.

Please donate in my name to a local animal charity. Thank you.
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