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How clever, name the file "decipher doodle rabbit" and throw everyone off course!

It's _obviously_ two donkeys playing with frisbee-brand flight discs. Big ones.

Go ahead and award the cash money value of my prize to the red cross or your favorite animal shelter. Both need it more than I need another t-shirt. Thanks!
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And yet it is cheaper to surface coat the roads yearly than letting them pothole so badly it must be completely repaved. We're expects at saving a penny now so we can spend a dollar later. (See also healthcare, education vs incarceration, and our piss-poor rail and energy infrastructures.)

And to think I just came here to marvel that those clever Japanese went from fall to green foliage in three days.
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Crikey. There are some very ignorant people commenting here; I really hope that they aren't allowed to drive, but sadly I suspect that they are.

Putting the car into neutral is a purely mechanical action that decouples the engine from the wheels in either a manual or automatic transmission. Gear to neutral, then brake as normal. Fine, it will sound horrendous until you stop, but so what? It's unlikely to do much damage to the engine if you bring it to a stop inside a minute; and it's certainly better than crashing.

Cars can be lethal; people who aren't competent to drive shouldn't be allowed to do so, for the safety of others. (Think pedestrians and cyclists, nevermind other car drivers.)
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the poorer the family, the earlier the child will get married.

its better than ending up in a whorehouse.

what do you think happens to girls in war-torn countries?
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