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It's persuasive because everybody knows six year olds are the zenith of rational thought and critical thinking skills.

I predict this poor kid will change his name when he tries to get his first job after graduation. The Internet Is Forever...
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My Japanese friends from school were amazed that the US has so much land available that we would have parking lots. The idea of using that much potential vertical space just to occasionally store a car was astonishing.
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Neat theory but there are two thoughts I've got:

1. It seems hard to believe that such a huge difference in expected lifetime would come from a single-purpose energy-producing organelle.

2. After removing all the deaths attributable to young male stupidity (driving too fast, motorcycles, just about everything after that happens after "hey, watch this", leading lives of violence, etc.) are the expected lifetimes _still_ different between men and women who make it past 30?
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It's possible to fit a model to post-dict (to coin a term) the past without having any real predictive power. If this guy's models can predict the future of our Syrian, Iranian, and North Korean friends, it'll help provide credence for predictions of US society taking until 2020+ before returning to politeness.
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There's only 13 legal channels for use in England; since there is overlap of the high and low frequencies of each channel, you can really only have three interference-free hotspots in a given area, so the engineers have doubtless gone to great lengths to place the APs on specific channels distinct for each location to give the best chance of interference-free use for all.

That they chose to charge money for use of the infrastructure is an orthogonal decision -- but having guys with tools to find "rogue" transmitters is a simple matter of politeness. Without those guys, it probably wouldn't work well for anyone, rogue or paying user.
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Ah yes, you too can get your Internet from the company behind the roaring successes everybody is talking about: Orkut, Wave, Buzz, Google TV, with the stellar customer service of The Nexus One.
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