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First of all, if you're dumb enough to smoke, then you deserve the consequences. Secondly, If you're dumb enough to smoke while riding a motorcycle, you deserve to be removed from the gene pool, permanently. Instead, he gets rewarded for his stupidity. Wow.
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I'm going to have one made of me, then one of Salma Hayek and Catherine Bell, and then I'll have them all make sweet, sweet, toy love to each other...

What? Oh like none of you ever thought about it.
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The best one of these was the one with the orange lights inside so it looked like there were coals burning (a simulated power source, I assume). I wish I had the skill to do this kind of work. Simply awesome.
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When he first started campaigning, I said "No way a black man or a woman will ever be elected in my life time".

Well, I'm happy to admit that it finally looks like he might have a shot. We are in for interesting times indeed, assuming the voting machines aren't mucked with.
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I don't get it...

It wouldn't be a comfortable seating position since the back of the chair would force you into a backward leaning position, but with nothing to rest against. And then how can you even manage to get your legs into a position where you'd even be able to use the pedals?

I can understand if this is meant to be a joke, but if this is someone's legitimate set-up, I'd like to see a pic of them actually using it.
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Way to go, Pol x, equate my opinions with racism, as a way to further discredit me, simply because you disagree. My post on over-eating was sarcasm, which apparently doesn't go over well with the marijuana-addled crowd...

California pot smokers love to refer to their beloved Prop 215 as proof that the majority of people in California (55%) think marijuana is "A-OK!". What they and most other Californians tend to forget is another proposition that same year, Prop 187, which was meant to deny illegal immigrants all publicly provided services, which also passed, but with an even greater majority (58%).

My point? People in California aren't always as smart as they'd like the rest of the country to think. So the pot smokers are all for marijuana use, especially when it's legitimized by a doctor's prescription, just don't share any with the Mexicans. See? I can create racism where there is none as well...
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No, I didn't miss your sarcasm, Cream, but you apparently missed mine. That's the problem with the internet, tone and intent are lost. Sending the government after overweight people would be worse than sending them after pot smokers. Can you imagine the defensive stance THEY would take? "My triple cheeseburger and twinkies ain't hurting no one!", blah, blah, blah...
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SenorMysterioso and Creampants both have good points.

Pot smokers ALWAYS bring up something worse than what they use to try and justify the fact that they use it, "I smoke pot, but at least I ain't raping old ladies!", or "I smoke pot, but at least I'm not dipping peasants in acid!", etc, etc...

And hell yes there should be some kind of regulation and punishment for people who abuse food. Damn fat asses are more of a drain on the economy than alcoholics, smokers, and potheads combined.

And as for "gregurdumb" (The fact that you are able to display your obviously vast intelligence and imagination in such a short insult is truly astounding). If you spent half as much time refuting my arguments intelligently, instead of insulting me personally, I might have taken you seriously. But no, it's easier, (and less mentally taxing for you, I assume) to hurl insults and epithets.
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Thanks for proving my point, ass.

Alcohol= BAD FOR YOU
Cigarette Smoking= BAD FOR YOU
Pot Smoking= BAD FOR YOU

Get it now?

It doesn't matter which one you put into your body, they're ALL harmful, and they're ALL addictive. Only difference is pot smokers are the WORST in regards to going on the defensive when someone questions their RIGHT to engage in stupid, self destructive habits.
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Wow, the potheads get really touchy when you try to make them take responsibility for their actions and introduce a little guilt into the equation. But what do I care? Smoke more pot if you want to, it's only brain cells, after all...
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In our area, at the local (and much maligned) 99 cent store, cans of Spam can be had for, you guessed it, 99 cents. Certainly cheaper than ground beef, and mighty tasty IMNSHO.
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I hate, Hate, HATE skunks. I wish every Godforsaken one of them would drop dead. They serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever in the grand scheme of things other than to make people miserable. My dog has been sprayed twice by these filthy animals after they somehow got into our yard.
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Definitely ghetto, but fabulous? Er...not so much.

I bet there's more than a few residents of Oakland who would kill (literally) for the chance to own this "wonderful" specimen...
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Let's all observe a moment of silence for all the overly sensitive babies who have been butt-hurt by a cartoon, and let's hope their declarations of never returning to this site are kept.

With that said, my opinion of the cartoon is as follows: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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