Redneck Racing Simulation

When Nicolas Nova of Pasta&Vinegar blog was doing an ethnographical research about game controllers, he ran into this beauty: a redneck contraption for racing simulations!

How to turn a chair into a speedy car-simulation seat where the player seats on the back, spread the leg and pump pedals to the maximum.

A very intriguing made-up controller for car simulation that reveals how people tend to modify devices to their convenience. The creative use of duct-tape to enhance the digital experience is interesting to document as a way to find out opportunities to design both physical peripherals and digital counterparts. - via Make

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Woogie says it's impossible, therefore it must be so! Woogie wouldn't say it if it wasn't true! And since Woogie used capital letters when it typed ANYONE, that makes it even more believable.

Thanks, Woogie, you're an inspiration to all internet douche-bags.
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but beside the fact that this was referred to as "redneck," i don't know.. i think it's really creative. it looks exactly like something i would construct as a little kid. i think people are put off by home projects because everyone these days have grown up with the mentality that anything can be bought from a store. it has almost ruined the entire creative process for people because everything has already been done and is being sold in crappy wal-mart stores for five dollars.
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i think the only reason "redneck" jokes aren't funny anymore is because jeff foxworthy has pounded those jokes into the ground-- of course, not without the help of the entire population trying to mimmick him. also, i think we've reached a time where making fun of stereotypes (which in-turn perpetuates) is really posh.. taboo.. looked down upon.. and just not funny anymore.

let's single out an entire group of people because they're "different" and "weird!" that will raise our own status and make us look awesome in front of our friends! c'mon, gang! now we can accepted by EVERYONE!
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There is no way ANYONE could use that wheel sitting on the edge of the chair. Plus I doubt you could sit on the edge of the chair like that.

Redneck racially derogatory? Get a life.
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