Cigarette Explosion Knocks Out Man's Teeth

31-year-old Andi Susanto of Jakarta, Indonesia, received compensation from a tobacco company after a cigarette exploded in his face and knocked out six of his teeth while he was riding his motorcycle.
A spokesman for Clas Mild cigarettes, the brand Mr Susanto had been smoking, said there were no plans for a recall.

"We are communicating with the police and still waiting on the forensic laboratory tests," Iwan Sulistyo told the Jakarta Globe.

Susanto accepted the settlement, and said he was planning to give up smoking anyway. Link -Thanks actor212!

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It is possible that he or one of his friends put a 'cigar exploder' or firework in one of his cigs.

...but my BS meter is pegging on 'yeah, right'.....
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Something in the tobacco - sounds like cheap quality tobacco - probably lit up and shocked him, causing him to crash and knock out his teeth. The "explosion" itself most assuredly did not have the force to knock out his teeth.

As far as "Greg's" statement goes - that is a very ignorant thing to say about people who choose to smoke. I personally do not smoke and do not like it, but I am not and nor do I think anyone is righteous enough to judge someone's quality of being based solely on whether or not they smoke. Also, wouldn't you feel so badass smoking a cigarette on a motorcycle?
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Concidering that they settled it, I'm wondering what caused it to happen. Cheap chemicals improperly ballanced in them? Meh, who knows.


He got paid for negligence of the company and their product which did was it wasn't supposed to. I agree with the Darwin awards, but I disagree with your philosophy. I'm also questioning the usage of your words, considering that I don't think a person can be removed from the gene pool, temporarily.
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