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Obviously those who complain that the "servants" (waitstaff, vendors, etc...) are rude have never had a job in that position. As someone who has, I can tell you that after hearing so many demands (Give me, I need, I'll take, etc... no Please or thank you ever in America)I think it's not rude... only a little more straight-forward than we are used to.
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Not that I want to join in with the "snobby" tea purists, but Pu-erh is a post-fermented tea and is consumed on a regular basis for non-medicinal reasons (ie, enjoyment!). I love the stuff, but it has a very earthy, strong, and complex flavor.
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You know what creates more respect? Not killing animals to eat. I have no respect for hunting/hunters. It disgusts me. And, no, I don't eat meat (or any animal product for that matter). I do this because I respect, am thankful for and am aware of life (mine and others).
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Gee... dartef, seems like maybe you have some anger issues to deal with. And I did read the whole article, BTW. All I'm saying is that guns (which serve the sole purpose of killing/injuring other sentient beings) aren't really that neat. And what's even less neat is the irony of someone who lost the ability to be independent of a machine and others' assistance in order to live a basic life getting enjoyment from the opportunity to deprive another being of the same ability. Maybe you should read the whole comment before attempting to blast me for commenting. And there's no need to call names.
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Yeah. Not neat.Possibly the least neat thing ever. Way to go. You are disabled and therefore you take a gun and shoot and kill animals that have no defense. Way to go.
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Actually I am suggesting that governments could reduce the demand, not the preference for meat. Animal farm subsidies create inexpensive meats (not proportional to the costs of raising/slaughtering/processing/transporting the animals). Another thing that could be done to reduce demand for meat is to ban "factory" farm practices. With animals at the true cost of production, in humane (well, more humane) farm settings, the use of animals would plummet. Therefore, less demand.
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Or... maybe figure out a way to reduce the demand for and reliance on animals. The fewer people that eat animals/ use animal products, the less demand, the fewer animals are raised, the lower the emissions of methane, co2, etc.... Seems simple enough to me.
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You're referring to Christianity, right Ray? Or do you mean the Durze? Or the Atheists? Or the Muslims? Maybe you should learn a bit about the middle east before you make such broad statements.
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I'm wondering if any of it was live-action or if it was all CGI? Either way it was awesome. I actually liked it better than the Moustache dance.
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