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I borrowed a book from a guy I was dating. I found a receipt from a Swiss train station. Before we met, he went to Europe to audition for various ballet companies. He wasn't hired anywhere, so he came back home and ended up with the modern dance company I work with. We met there, and even though we're no longer dating, we're still good friends, so it was a very sweet moment to me to find that little thread of his life that led to our meeting. :-)
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I have a friend who has such a severe shark phobia she wouldn't be able to share a room with this thing.

If I was a horrible person, I could pull such a nasty prank on her....
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My cat is a girl, and she is most definitely left-pawed. However, she's also missing her back left leg, so that might have something to do with it.
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The whole thing is absolutely beautiful, but the picture of the whitewashed landing with the little Gothic window looking out over the hills... that seriously broke my heart a little bit. What an incredible place to live. I haven't attended church in years (I am a Christian but for various reasons I dislike mingling with many who call themselves "Christian"), but there's a sense of peace I feel in a church that is hard to duplicate.
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I'm one who breaks out in hives if the surface temperature of my skin drops. Normally it's just from exposure to cold, either very cold air or cold water, but a couple years ago I went through a phase where absolutely any time I exerted any energy at all--even just climbing a flight of stairs or walking briskly for more than a couple dozen yards--I was covered in massive welts, even when the weather was warm. It pretty much sucks, because it could be 75 degrees, and I am chilled to the bone and shaking with cold until the Zyrtec kicks in. I hate it. It makes exercise really, really sucky.
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I don't care for most of them; I like the drawings, I just think they're kind of... stupid as tattoos. However, the vines on the shoulder in gallery 7 are really sort of beautiful. I'd rather see it on a slightly smaller scale and minus the red parts, but as it is, I don't think it's bad at all.

Some of the others are just a great big mess, though.
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I'm with Heather, Heath Ledger's death shocked me. I was at work, and my coworker was reading the news on his Blackberry during a break. He blurted out, "Oh my God, Heath Ledger is dead!" and I honestly didn't believe him. I figured he'd misread a headline, or stumbled across a hoax or something.
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"Never seen anything like it before"? I guess they've never worked retail. I only worked retail part-time for one year, and I saw it. A lot.
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My hometown (in east-central Indiana) is one of those pockets of unusually high numbers of black squirrels. I wouldn't say they outnumber the grays, but they're definitely common. I'd say the population is split 60/40 gray/black. It's been that way for a very long time--my grandfather remembered it being the same when he was a kid.
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