My Boss Is Michael Scott

Does your boss insist that everybody in the office think of himself as a friend first, and a boss second? Do his attempts at humor often end up inappropriate or even downright offensive, yet without malice? You may be working for a "Michael Scott" - the kind of boss played by Steve Carell in the TV series The Office.

In the blog "My Boss Is Michael Scott," an office worker realizes that the company owner and boss is, in fact, so much like Michael Scott that working there is akin to living in the show (but with worse pay, I'm sure) and blogs about the experience:

After generously allowing us the right to work on the 3rd of July, Michael decided to celebrate by buying the whole office KFC. Never mind the two vegetarians in the company, they can make it on their own.

The sales people have no one to call because all the offices they would normally cold call are closed. The rest of the company slacks off excessively to meet with the sale’s peoples productivity levels.

Michael decides to give himself a pat on the back by allowing us an hour long lunch where we can watch a movie in the conference room with him. Naturally, he expects everyone to really love him for allowing us to work today, feeding us and giving us a longer lunch. Instead, I have chosen use the time to write about him on the internet.

Then with all of us sitting around wondering why we are even here, he leaves two hours early from work. Oh Michael, how does your mind work? - Thanks Anon! (Photo: Kumar Appaiah [Flickr])

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Sooner or later, the boss is likely to know about it, yes. And if he really is a Michael Scott type, he'll probably tell the person to "hug it out, b*tch" and have him/her do his laundry for a year as punishment.
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One of the downright stupidest things you can do on the Internet is blog negatively about your boss. Unless you can afford to lose your job, and just want to get fired.
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