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My favorite is a very recent toy, and to me seems to be the epitome of what the toy sculptors and manufacturers can do to capture the spirit of the artist/designer's vision: Jim Woodring's Mr. Bumper, from Strangeco. A multi-legged, psychedelic vehicle with a blase amphibian riding inside, and when the vehicle body/carapace is removed it's revealed that the shell is just a dressing!- a ceremonial outfit covering the amphibian, the owner and operator of all of those legs! It's a perfect translation of Woodring's paintings into plastic. All of the legs move for a variety of walking poses, and the removable cowl makes this a possible play object for children as well as an art object, which is a nice touch.
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It's good, but I don't understand the value in making a perfect recreation of a photograph that already exists. If it's student work, great, but keep in mind that most of us don't post our student work around the web.
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Sad that the economy and education system sucks so much in Tucson that it makes people steal metal for the scrap money. And meth hasn't even hit there yet. Wait until that chemical wonder starts tearing the town apart.
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Don't say "It's a stupid law", because it's not a law- there's no law to stop a teacher from teaching geography.

I get the impression that he had flags of other countries displayed in the classroom, but the China and Mexico flags for some reason pissed off the wrong dipsh-t in the administration. The lesson for the kids is "Don't hang flags, hang people!"
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Becki, do yourself a favor and be a little bit more discriminating in the news sources you read, too. Michelle Malkin is a journalist in the same way that Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly are journalists. I agree that the Reuters story is worthy of mention, but getting it from a Malkin link makes it unnecessarily partisan in a way.

But I'm not picking on you- just Malkin. Sincere good wishes,

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