Stingray Killed Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.

While diving in the waters of Port Douglass, north of Cairns, Australia, to shoot a documentary, Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was killed when a stingray barb pierced through his chest.


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Nice guy ? neat guy ? what a load of crap. He kept harassing dangerous animals. He ASKED several times to be killed. Funny thing is some harmless creature killed, him. There is no price for guessing how much he taunted that animal to do that to him. I'm glad the animal world got back to him. What comes around ...
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Before I remark on the emotionally and mentally unbalnaced man who laughed and laughed first I'd like to say may Steve rest in peace and God bless his family. Eventhough his death was unexpected and tragic I'm sure he would have rather left this world doing what he loved as oppose to a car wreck or shooting or something like that. RIP Steve. Now.... to the heartless, unstable, monster who laughed and laughed, your karma will be immense. I feel sorry for the way your end will come cuz it won't be quick and pretty. It will be some super embarrassing, painful way that will leave the whole world cracking up. No one will pitty it. It will just be something that comedians crack jokes about that will leave the entire stadium roaring with laughter and your family and friends (if u have any) will have to watch and listen as people take pleasure in your pain.
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I don't know if anyone has even thought about this or not...but, I believe when it's our time to "go" it's really not going to matter where we are or what we are doing when it happens....God only knows. If Steve Irwin hadn't been in the ocean with a stingray...he could have been just sitting on the beach or at home sitting at the dinner table and died. When your time is's up. God is in control of our lives, not a stingray.
Steve Irwin will be sadly missed by all...except the heartless moron "ImNoMrNiceGuy" who will one day reap what he has sown!
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