Geography Teacher Suspended for Displaying Foreign Flags in Classroom.

Geography teacher Eric Hamlin, was placed on leave by the principal Carmody Middle School in Colorado for refusing to take down several flags from other countries in his classroom:

Eric Hamlin said the flags were part of a world geography lesson plan at Carmody Middle School and refused to take them down. The school's principal escorted Hamlin out of class Wednesday morning after he refused to remove the flags of China and Mexico.

The school district placed him on administrative leave for insubordination, citing a Colorado law that makes it illegal to display foreign flags permanently in schools.;bp=t - via Think Progress

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I'm British but I recently moved to the US and go to high school. Thankfully there's no pledge of allegiance, but I am amazed by the crazy amount of flags. There's one in every single classroom in the school except one class where the flag holder built into every single whiteboard was blocked by a TV mount. The history textbooks are stupidly biased towards the US and the teachers and school know it, but they have to use the textbooks under state law. Most of the students are very critical of Europe and voice their criticisms openly to me, but when I draw their attention to similar, sometime worse, problems in the US like, well, being forced to practically devote yourself to the American government, they try and find any way to deny it. Most Americans I've met seem to think that a two-party system of idiotic politicians is oh-so-democratic and better than every other country's government because it is. I believe the Nazis had something similar to the Pledge of Allegiance, they even used the same salute.
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Amazing. Here is one, anyone ever play Trivial Pursuit? Guess what, they have questions about flags from other countries. You know why I usually get these correct--I liked to study flags and had teachers who did as well when I was a kid. You know why others do not--in the States anyway--they have not got a clue that there are other countries out there. Like CNN putting Germany where Switzerland is supposed to be. OK, trivial example. How about this, ever been to the UN building? They have every flag of the member nations. Ever been in the military? Many different nations display their flags on their uniforms--good way to tell the good guys from the bad guys I guess. What if you do not know which is which? Oh well. Ever been to Six Flags Over Texas? Those aren't all American Flags. How on earth does Colorado explain that the flags of two nations have been diplayed over Colorado? How many different countries have displayed flags over various parts of the USA at different periods in history? Someone in Colorado needs a nap.
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Don't say "It's a stupid law", because it's not a law- there's no law to stop a teacher from teaching geography.

I get the impression that he had flags of other countries displayed in the classroom, but the China and Mexico flags for some reason pissed off the wrong dipsh-t in the administration. The lesson for the kids is "Don't hang flags, hang people!"
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joe said:

it was a public school, right? no free speech.

I hope you're kidding, joe, but something tells me you're not. Personally, as a libertarian I feel that public schools are an abomination, a doctrination camp for mediocrity and conformity. However, as a child of poor people I doubt that I would have been able to afford a better education than that which I got in the school system. Nonetheless, our schools should have free speech, and it is horrible to me that they do not.

Personally, I wish we could deport "suspicious" a--es like yourself, but I don't think anyone would take you. Damn China for making things cheaply! Damn Mexico for having a crappy economy!
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I don't believe it is correct that flag ettiquette has one flying your nation's flag above the flag of another nation. As nations are supposed to be equal, flags of different nations are supposed to be flown at the same height. I'm pretty sure that this also applies to Old Glory, even though most Americans believe their nation is in fact superior to all other and hence lesser nations. Indeed, I've seen it violated all over the US and can only credit the lack of flagnaticism amongst Canadians and Mexicans for the continued practice.

This CO law seems retarded to me, but then most laws seem retarded to me. Unfortunately, politicians by and large believe that by passing laws they show how effective and hard-working they are. What really gets the voters stirred is to stand up to those darn furriners and their fellow-travelers in our society and show them that real Americans are xenophobic and dumb as a post.

I've known some fine principals in my life; I've also known some sorry little martinets who used their position to bully teachers, students, anyone. I wonder which category the principal in this case fell into.
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