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umm, well yes. As a farm kid, that's no great secret to me. You should also try my dad's home grown beef- I was shocked at what the rest of the world was eating when I moved away from home and had to fend for myself in the grocery store. And then there's my friend who resolutely declared that she hated, couldn't stand, would rather die than eat... strawberries. No biggie, I said. I'm more than happy to eat ALL your strawbs... I set out to do that... and she watched... and finally she's like- you look so happy... and tried one. It was like watching a child's face on Christmas morning- she'd never had strawberries except from the grocery store. Come my friend, let me introduce you to the wonders of farmer's markets and road-side stands. They also sell apples, peaches, pears- all kinds of goodies... and 9 times out of 10 (or 99 out of 100) the quality so far exceeds the grocery store as to be truly laughable. I'm glad I grew up this way so I knew right away when I tasted that stuff from the store that there was something better to be had somewhere.
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Ok, I'm back from the youtube trip- that is so totally amazing. I think, like it or not, I'm going to have to try to do it... but I'm going to wait till I'm alone in the woods somewhere... lol
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What we need to know is where is this? We see this kind of thing every day- nay, all day long, here in Ukraine. My friend let another friend run the 'driver's ed' manual on her computer- it could have been the intro for some skin flick...
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nothing to add- but this was all very interesting and informative. And, I like it (sorry Miss C) that someone doing such cool stuff on this site and Floss has the same comp head-aches as dull little old me... somehow, my world just rosier or something; I thought, you know, that there was a little comp angel for... oh never mind- how ignorant does that sound? Anyway, Good Luck Fast! ;)
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ok- not that it's the most important thing going, but I starred this on my feed reader while I was on the road so that I could look at it when I got back to my desk- so why can I not open the page? It's not just a bad connection...
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I have never been able to calmly quietly cross long bridges...and it's sure to be worse now. I hate heights and stuff like this- it's the stuff of nightmares.
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Well, it's a great speech- you've got to give him that. I'm a bit (a bit? a MAJOR) skeptic when it comes to politicians and promises and rhetoric in our day, though. It seems like the power of the spoken word is mostly being exploited these days...

What I really wanted to say was, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the video was my small nephew's 'Bob the Builder' video- "Bob the Builder, YES WE CAN!!"... he could sing it for hours at a time while doing anything he chose and racing around the house. Really, it was very inspiring, too... ;-)
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