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I wouldn’t normally post a political video here unless it was funny, but the story on this one is how it took off like a rocket. I thought this was quite interesting when I first saw it linked on Metafilter yesterday. It was released Friday, posted to YouTube only yesterday, but this morning copies of it occupy five spaces on the Top 20 at Viral Video Chart. It was created by of the Black Eyed Peas and Jesse Dylan (son of Bob), inspired by Barak Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech.
Dylan and say they did not coordinate the production or release of this video with the Obama campaign and the filmmakers say they don't even know if Obama is aware of the video.


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I first heard YES WE CAN from Bob the Builder as well. I think this video is beautifully put together and is very touching, even if you are not into politics or this candidate. He is the best option we have at this point.

This link details why the video was put together:
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an individual making $100000.00 is not middle class in california. A couple making that might still be considered middle class but not an individual.

And the speech was better without the song
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Well, it's a great speech- you've got to give him that. I'm a bit (a bit? a MAJOR) skeptic when it comes to politicians and promises and rhetoric in our day, though. It seems like the power of the spoken word is mostly being exploited these days...

What I really wanted to say was, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the video was my small nephew's 'Bob the Builder' video- "Bob the Builder, YES WE CAN!!"... he could sing it for hours at a time while doing anything he chose and racing around the house. Really, it was very inspiring, too... ;-)
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I liked that. I hadn't heard that speech. Yes, it's fluff and yes, they are the beautiful people--but it's inspirational.
Still I imagine what Hillary's response would be: "No, you can't." But I dunno...maybe Mos Def is right and the Clintons and Bushs are passing the Presidency around like a party joint? I mean, when Ann Coulter says Hillary is more conservative than McCain it makes you think maybe Obama does equal change. Even if it's just a small amount. Every bit counts these days!
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