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Also if my daughter were to do something like this I would stand behind her 100% as long as she can explain her opinion to me in an intelligent and thought provoking way.
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I wonder how many of the people commenting here stating that this is nothing more than a teen going for a bit of attention actually read the article fully or glanced at it. Things of interest:

1) Kid is the debate club president.
2) This quote: “Given that photos of students in clothing with Christian messages are allowed in yearbook, one has to wonder if they are taking too much power into their hands with the whole discretion thing.”
3) He's a pretty darned good student as well - "Surber has a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 and works 30 hours a week at local fast-food restaurant. His goal is to graduate from law school and enter the political arena."

I may not necessarily agree with his views but I applaud him for standing up for his views.
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The Other Parker, sure, that sounds all well and good, but then we'll just be giving our space-fearing enemies the tools with which to destroy us!
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Perhaps North America would finally wise up and start reprocessing some of their spent fuel? An arseload of the stuff being stored can be re-processed and reused in a number of different reactor types, but right now the cost of virgin, raw uranium is too low to make it worthwhile apparently.

North America needs to look to France, where they are operating a highly successful, safe and efficient nuclear energy program.
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I heard it at 33. Painful! And this is after 3 years of playing bass in front of a stack consisting of 1 18" and 4 12" speakers making (max) 1,000 watts RMS. Good to know.

@Thebes, that's bloody annoying!

Perhaps it's something with the MP3 format? Maybe it would be good to hear an uncompressed WAV (redundant, I know)
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Whew, I'm feeling a bit older now.

I remember clock-chipping some of the very computers shown in that little video, the TRaSh-80s. That's overclocking, done the hard way - with a soldering iron. Then there was the assembly language I learned to put together a somewhat respectable sounding mono-phonic synthesizer out of a CoCo II. It was painful, but wouldn't have been possible with basic I dont' think.

All that before I was 10. Goodness how the time flies.
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I have spoken with both her and her lawyer on a number of occasions. They are both fantastic people and I wish them the best. Actions such as theirs are slowly bringing the recording industry around. EMI has slashed contributions to the RIAA for one and the mass exodus towards selling music free of DRM is another.

Sure, they may not like having terms dictated to them by the likes of Apple, but it goes a long way in showing that if the recording industry would have started adjusting their business model in days of Napster. Had they done that, they would be more than the archaic oligopoly they are now, intent on suing their customers into bankruptcy.
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Please, girls her age are showing more skin in school, and there is hardly any moral outrage accorded to that when compared to the "exploitation of this innocent 15 year old girl."

There was no exploitation here. Agents & parents were there. Miley seemed to be happy with the shots at the time, according to other sources. Miley's recent statements to the contrary are only to try and save face with Disney.
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Not a Habs fan, but it's still amusing. The team and coaching staff have some brass ones for putting Price as their #1 for the playoffs, and other than Wednesdays game against the Bruins, he's done a pretty upstanding job.

This is a team that has a history of fantastic goalies, so he has some pretty impressive shoes to fill. Habs fans are worse than any other hockey fans for their support (when things are going well) and their ruthlessness when things are going poorly.
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I'm not sure what to think on this one. First, her lawyer needs to be kicked back to school at the very least. Suing for medical bills was a very bad decision.

What Walmart did may be nefarious, dastardly, just plain bad, but when an insurance company can get some funds back, it can help to keep rates lower. That $400,000+ is going to be spread out amongst all Walmart employees, be sure of that. (Assuming Walmart is self insured?)

She should have sued for pain, suffering, diminished earning capacity. If her lawyer was a proper greedy lawyer, he would have had her family members sue as well.

What walmart did may have been morally wrong, but her double dipping on her medical bills isn't exactly saintly either.
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Shoot, he's a lucky guy. Getting stuck in a septic tank can be pretty deadly. Perhaps it was because he was so close to the top & fresh air.

I get the joyous task of checking the tank on a regular basis at the cottage, and I can tell ya that even standing 6 foot above the opening, it's still enough to knock ya on your arse, so I can only imagine how bad it was to be IN the tank.
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One must wonder what removing the B-pillar does to structural safety of the vehicle. The B-pillar is an integral part of maintaining the passenger compartment during a rollover.
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