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@Heather: DANGIT! You stole my a-list material. That's fine, I'll see your bet and raise you the following:

"Coffee? We ain't got time for no stinking coffee! The humans are distracted by those insipid LOLcats so now is our time to pounce. Quick, to the choppers men, it's time to take back what is rightfully ours -- Our cream eggs (and to a lesser extent, our mini eggs)."
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To: National Geographic
From: Me

WHERE is the wound? I sat through him saying I've Got A Really Bad Bite some seven hundred and eighty one times to see flesh and tendon hanging off of bone only to be denied, much the way that Toronto Maple Leafs denied the Ottawa Senators oh those many times in the late 90's and early 00's.


Now, I've seen some pythons in the past (though mostly just my vast biceps) and that one didn't look terribly large. Still, I was bitten by a garter snake one right in the soft, fleshy bit between the thumb and the rest of the hand and I'm pretty certain I cried like a 4 year old girl. Which I was not.
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Having bad luck with attacks on my person perpetrated by nefarious hummingbirds, when I first encountered a hummingbird moth, I was quickly reaching for my safety glasses.

Much to my surprise that as it closed in for the kill, it made no noise whatsoever. Great, thinks I, they have developed stealth technology, my one early warning against impending peril has now been stripped away much like the peel of an orange. Or banana, if you will.

Still, it is a welcome addition to the gardens of Chez Tinfoil, and the distinct lack of razor-thin weapons "beaks" is all the more welcome. I will not have to run for bandages after coming into contact with them.

Point of note, the hummingbird moths that call the various flowering plants home (without paying rent, thank you very much) are of the clear-wing variety, which only adds to the veracity of their charade.

The Tomato Hornworm moth is also very interesting, and living in Tillsonburg (and yes, I do have the song memorized, and actually yes I am related to Tom), we have a number of "Tobacco" moths as well that can get really quite large.
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I do believe Jolt Cola is coming in these cans now. I recently picked one up off of my lawn, thanks to the thoughtless drivers who believe my lawn to be a garbage bin.
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They seem to be blocking visitors from this site, so paste this into a new browser tab/window:

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