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Don't forget Joseph Pujol, the 'Petomane de Paris'.
With his shows in the Moulin Rouge, he became the best payed artist of his time, grossing more than the –then famous– actress Sarah Bernard.

He caused riots and people are said to have died laughing.
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In Rotterdam we all vomit from our windows, Cube House or not. It's a custom and it's called 'kotsen'. Nowadays, it is done fully clothed however.
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The shots are done one-by-one, with .22 bullets. So no bird / buck shot.

Looks like the artist built some kind of construction in which he fixed the gun thus, that he could move it in set increments along two axles.

Almost like an old-fashioned needle plotter, with one gun instead of a set of needles.

Just a thought: for buck shot art, one would need a steel stencil and a wooden art board. That would also make it possible to pruduce a series, all slightly different because of the unique dithering of each shot...

By the way, this work would go well in a show together with work by Aoife van Linden Tol.
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About as original as yellow bananas.
Did I miss the ones with a a bacon print, btw?
And have the hilarious 'grease monkey'-ones been featured yet?
The ones with blinking LEDs?
The 'From Real Human Nails' donor glue-ons?

Ah, creative nail designs... Gotta love it!
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A 'laddermill' would even be better: it is fully wind driven (so yes, it's a modern version of the windmill. Only much bigger and much more energy efficient.
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In the seventies there were those horrible novel radios that spelled 'radio' and ditto clocks and vases (spelling the word 'clock' and 'vase' of course...)

I wonder what an illiterate or dyslectic person would make of this, btw.
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"Airless tyres aren’t new" D'uh!
Of course not: all tires were airless before John Dunlop invented the air filled tyre and tube in 1888.

Since air tyres have many advantages above 'solid' ones, they are preferred for most usuge. However, as stated in the article above, running flat isn't one of them.

Hence, the world is still developing an airless tyre with as many of the pros of an inflatable tyre, without as many of the cons. And the major con is their driving behaviour.

So: Yes, there have been and were airless tyres before, but this is supposed to be an improvement on exactly THAT concept.

I mean: cars have been around for 125 years, and they have been improved over time. "Cars aren't new..." *sigh*
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Nice modern version of a so-called 'Archimboldesque', after the inventor of this technique, the renaissance painter Giuseppe Arc(h)imboldo,
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If one sees the fake 'Emmausgangers' by Van Meegeren, it is very hard to understand that experts took it for a real Vermeer. It is a really clumsy painting, compared to the works of the master:

Apart from Elmyr de Hory, I was expecting to see the work of master forger Geert Jan Jansen, who, after being caught by the French, got all his work back, because experts couldn't distinguish the fakes from the originals.
Even Karel Appel said the fakes by Jansen were definitely "original Appels"! (Same trick that De Hory played with Van Dongen...)

Another interesting forger and smuggler is Michel van Rijn, who fooled people by telling them he was a descendant of the famous Rembrandt van Rijn. (Which isn't true, athough Michel also looks a lot like Rembrandt.)
This relation should explain the fact that he had so many 'undiscovered Rembrands'.
Later turned out they were all fakes, of course.
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