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the best desired out come is not on strike its a strike for every ball you put down the lane and if you happen to miss a few in a frame on your first ball then pick them up on you second how many games have you played where you have taken out a clean frame every time id take a punt at never maybe you should go learn more about the game before you speak golf takes skill but personally id rather watch the grass grow it would be more enjoyable to watch. but since you say golf is so much of a sport then why don't you go pro oh wait you game probably not up to par now is it just another weekend hack. last i checked the pros dont play for a hole in one they play for lowest score needing a number of shots to get there oh wait bowling is the same
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wow three whole frames good for you and how would you fair by the end of the game would your score even match half of theirs, i dont think so there's alot of skill in a good game the and its not just about the strikes now how many 7-10 splits could you pull in a row could you even get one most likely the answer is no its a sport like any other has skills to master and years to learn to get any where near being a pro
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as for JOURNEY TO THE EAST im sick of going out to try and buy new clothes i dont know what its like there but here if your a male and you dont like the set trend thats available you have very little options in clothes in a shopping center with say 200 stores and 50 of them are woman's stores you might find 5 that are just for males and when you take away the ones that just sell suits your left with one or 2 stores so who has the better deal when it comes to shopping for clothes im sick of females complaining its hard to shop no its not. its hard for you because woman are to busy trying to out do each other and find a negative comment to make about each other so yet again who is the problem the hot cheerleader in the little outfit or the girl on the sideline with low self esteem
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what is wrong with you woman that feel the need to complain about everything like this as usual if it were tables turned and it was men in little shorts there wouldn't be a problem here in australia with the aussie football AFL the guys run around in little shorts and tight fitting top always woman at the games having a good look yet i remember not to look ago they more or less stopped cheerleading because of the too sexy uniforms equal rights yeah right one for men one for woman except when it suits them bring back the little outfits its part of the games. my partner is a stripper and a graphic designer and when she dances its not the guys that are a issue they keep their hands to themselves its the woman that are the issue they come in wearing less than the strippers and make alot of nasty comments to the girls whats the issue the uniform or the woman who are insecure
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