Is This "The Greatest Moment in Women's Sport" ?

Kelly Kulick is a 33-year-old professional bowler who won the Professional Bowler's Association Women's World Championship.  A new PBA rule allowed her to qualify for the men's tournaments.  She entered arguably the most prestigious event - the Tournament of Champions - and beat 62 of the best male bowlers, defeating the world's #1 ranked bowler in the final match 265-195.

When Billy Jean King beat a mediocre Bobby Riggs, the world press covered the event.  Auto racing's Danica Patrick and golf's Michelle Wie are household names.  In a column at ESPN The Magazine, sportswriter Rick Reilly asks why Kelly Kulick's accomplishment is not receiving more publicity.  Photo: Mark Peterson for ESPN Magazine.

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Kenneth, you are speaking from emotion. I clearly did not say that the golfers play for the hole-in-one, I said the exact opposite. I don't watch golf or bowling and if you want to say their both not sports, I don't care.

Bowling is not a sport, it's an impressive skill but not a sport.
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the best desired out come is not on strike its a strike for every ball you put down the lane and if you happen to miss a few in a frame on your first ball then pick them up on you second how many games have you played where you have taken out a clean frame every time id take a punt at never maybe you should go learn more about the game before you speak golf takes skill but personally id rather watch the grass grow it would be more enjoyable to watch. but since you say golf is so much of a sport then why don't you go pro oh wait you game probably not up to par now is it just another weekend hack. last i checked the pros dont play for a hole in one they play for lowest score needing a number of shots to get there oh wait bowling is the same
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wow three whole frames good for you and how would you fair by the end of the game would your score even match half of theirs, i dont think so there's alot of skill in a good game the and its not just about the strikes now how many 7-10 splits could you pull in a row could you even get one most likely the answer is no its a sport like any other has skills to master and years to learn to get any where near being a pro
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Come to think of it, it's entirely possible that I could bowl against the best bowler in the world and be at least tied with him for 3 frames (I've gotten a couple turkeys before). That would never happen against the best golfer and I play golf a lot more than I bowl. I only bowl when there's no where else to drink.
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Yes but the best desired outcome is far easier in bowling. I can't count the number of strikes I've gotten in bowling, but I can count the number of hole-in-ones I've gotten, zero. The only fair analogy would be if golf was designed around the hole-in-one, which it isn't. Plus you have to include weather. Golf strategy is uncountably more complicated than bowling strategy.

Any goof can roll a ball and get a "perfect" bowling outcome, it takes something more to get a hole-in-one or even under par.
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"Is This "The Greatest Moment in Women's Sport" ?"

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