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I was talking to my doctor here in Ontario the other day. He was in Florida last month and chatting with a man who was non-plussed about the health care situation in the United States. 50 million people do not have coverage.

50 million.

This man's attitude was, "I have coverage, so I'm not worried..."

It's not a matter of customers paying a fee for staff or workers paying their own benefits or insurance companies paying out premiums but not covering pre-existing conditions, etc,etc.

There needs to be a WHOLE ATTITUDE shift in the US.

Taxpayers need to pay for UNIVERSAL healthcare.

Thank god for Canada. Sometimes, I can't tolerate the weather, but your health system is effed up.
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My mom used to make a jellied (Jell-O) salad at every function when I was little. It consisted of Jell-O in a citrus flavor mixed with cottage cheese to make it opaque and then had veggies shaved and contained within.

It looked like congealed puke, but oddly enough, it was always requested.
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What the hell does this mean?

"a thousand and one thanks to the young woman who loves the NightQueen, Antressa the Theophlosser!!"

Is that code for something?
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Milk will go bad quickly if it has a higher percentage of fat in it. If it is skim or non-fat, it will stay good longer than 2% or higher.

We very quickly learned to tell the difference between good and bad milk in our family. And if there was any doubt, we would pass the milk jug to my dad (the food scientist) for the sniff test...

-In Ontario
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You all should come to Canada where health care is universal AND gay marriage is legal.

In fact, if Terri Carlson managed to marry a Canadian of either gender, she could dissapear within days and her spouse would be responsible for paying back the government. But that's another story...

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I was always traying to figure out Niles and Frasier Cranes accent as well as Major Charles Winchester on Mash! Now I know!

Super interesting!!

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When I got my wisdom teeth removed, I was walked from the dental office dazed and sore, packed with cotton in my mouth. The nurse handed me a cup and I looked at her, confused.

She said "Those are your teeth, honey."

I looked down and they were twisted, still bloody and one of them had been sheared in half to make removal easier.

I wanted to throw up.

The last thing I could imagine would be making it into jewellery.
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