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I've been hearing a lot about Cormac McCarthy (He wrote the novel No Country for Old Men) lately, and how I need to read his stuff. My friend is going to lend me Blood Meridian today, and he keeps telling me I'm not going to like it because of McCarthy's style of writing. I looked into it and it's very poetic.

I'm surprised he's not on this list.
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"Do you think this would work in new york?"

I heard that E. Houston was completely desolate after 9/11. But I don't think it would be like that on Christmas. I moved to Brooklyn last year, but I was upstate with family during the holidays. Anyway, Lana's right.
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Semi said what I was about to say. You edit a film not for continuity, but for the right emotional beat to progress the film. Continuity errors are always going to happen, and they're more common on big budget films because there's so many God damn people behind the camera that one scene will take forever to shoot.

It's a frustrating part of film-making, but there's no way around it. An editor has to use the best shot for a scene, and usually an actor appropriately delivering a line or emoting in a way that best relates to the situation is more important that if his hands were in or out of his pockets.

But yeah, I heard the new Indy flick was a bore anyway.
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Wes Anderson whip-pans for reactions.

Spike Lee characters on dollies, so they don't move but the background seems to whip by them.


There are a lot of great filmmakers left off this list!
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You can't go to the ground for a celebration, I guess. It was a very unsportsmanlike snow angel.

It's ridiculous that they had to make penalties for stuff like that.
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I love how all the comments on that site are negative because she smiles throughout it and twirls her sticks.

It's like, "Hey, little girl. STOP HAVING FUN!"
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I just bought the classics thing. What a huge freakin' deal.

And I've begun reading a bit of Metmamorphosis on it, and it wasn't bad at all. The only complaint is because the screen size is so small, there are a small amount of words, so you do a lot of page flipping, but it's pretty seamless. And it's a freakin' dollar!

I'm glad I waited on reading the classics. haha
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