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@ Splint Chesthair - killing off people is not part of liberal thinking.

I see in these comments that everyone thinks there is no possible way to be an atheist without having a need to think everyone else is stupid, or they're scared, or so on and so forth.

All typical stuff that stupid religious people like you guys would say. Seriously, what a bunch of un-evolved mouth-breathers.
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I can't believe so many people see this and think that these would be actual giant solar panels. Jesus Christ.

But dat big ol panel gonna shade my house! I'm not gonna live unner that!!
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This clearly seems like one of those things that everyone thinks they have but really don't, like having a photographic memory.

I "see" time too, with days in boxes and different shaped ones for the weekend, but I don't think that's close to what this woman is experiencing.
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I love the way people assume the fertility rates will continue the same way until people are falling off the planet. It's starting to decline already in developed nations. It will get higher, yes, but it will hit a plateau and then a gradual decline. The resources we have or will develop couldn't support 50 billion let alone 100 billion.

I would also like to comment that this lady's vagine must be really tore up.
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