Domino's Pizza Secret Ingredients

Every restaurant claims it has secret ingredients that make its food so special. This, apparently, is Domino's Pizza's ...

These two Domino's Pizza workers documented their shenanigans and uploaded it to YouTube. The original clip was taken down, but re-uploaded by someone else (ah, the power of the Intertubes) and has now spread all over the blogosphere ...

Oh, these two are SO fired! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via everywhere! | Consumerist readers even tracked down the place.

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I agree John. There was a survey done a while back, USA Today I think, where they surveyed young people, and one of their number one ambitions was to be famous.

Unfortunately, all people need nowadays to get their 15 minutes of fame is to film themselves doing the most inane stunts and posting it on Youtube. It's one thing to showcase some awesome talent you have, like singing or playing an instrument. But for others, it's all about getting maximum exposure and fame (or infamy) on the internet.

So many people around the world have easy access to internet, it has truly changed the dynamics of how people interact in this world. Look at the lady that was on Britain's got talent show. Thanks to the power of the internet, her performance resonated at the speed of light and now she is on the verge of stardom, when days before she was having problems with employment.

When people see how something so widespread and easily accessible can make one a superstar, is it any wonder that idiots out there are going to try their shot at fame and notoriety by filming themselves doing everything and anything.
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When I was working at a grocery store deli, the worst behavior I ever saw was that, on a slow night, some of the guys rigged a functional trebuchet from junk lying around. But messing with people's food? Unacceptable anywhere, anytime.


I'd say that there's an exhibitionist streak in the generation that grew up with MySpace. And somehow they can't connect that they can't control information flow and that publicizing private acts can hurt your reputation.

My mother and mother-in-law read my blog every day, and I've always acted under the assumption that they do even when they didn't. And certainly under the assumption that my boss does.
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