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The Dyson handdriers are amazing. I first encountered them in the toilets of a London train station. You can see the skin on your hands being pushed around by the air stream, and your hands get dry in seconds.
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I'm much more weirded out by some of the responses to this than I am by the object itself. I think it is striking and oddly beautiful and very thought-provoking. There is no doubt in my mind that it is art. It is not dog poo, as in Joe's analogy. It is the deliberate, original and unique creation of a human artist. It is even figurative for heaven's sake! If this were exhibited anywhere near me I would make a trip to go and see it.
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AlejoHauser, the same colour IS present on both sides. The only variation in colour (actually intensity) is present at the lines. Lemme see if I can do an ascii art illustration...

_________________ ¦ \________________________
\ ¦

If you cover the area where the intensity changes it destroys the illusion that the colour is different on both sides of the line.
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This would be perfect for playing World of Warcraft. Set your computer on the table right there, and then whether you need to microwave some chicken or have a quick bio break, you needn't be away from your raid for more than about a minute, tops!
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Oh, and all the hysteria being written about public healthcare is amazing. I am British and this girl would have been treated on the NHS. Of course she would. One of my friends works in the prosthetics department of an NHS hospital and he is very busy arranging prosthetics for hundreds of patients. My mum had breast cancer and was offered cosmetic surgery on the NHS after her mastectomy. She decided not to bother with it and was given a prosthetic boob by the NHS instead (her choice). My friend also had a mastectomy and received cosmetic surgery from the NHS. So if you believe national health care would never offer prosthetics or cosmetic surgery you are simply wrong.
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I did some stupid things when I was a teenager that could have ended in tragedy. I was lucky, they didn't. As I got older I got smarter. This girl made a really stupid mistake and paid for it big time. I hope her surgeries are a huge success.
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