A Self Portrait by Marc Quinn

Image: Marc Quinn

Artist Marc Quinn created a self portrait sculpted out of 4.5 liters of his own frozen blood. He plans to repeat the process every five years to show the aging process.

Quinn has achieved fame (or infamy, depending your perspective) for other provocative works of art, such as a golden statue of Kate Moss in a yoga pose. He's been previously featured on Neatorama for more mundane work: a botanical garden.

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"Those capable of creating graphic art, do. Those who can't, try to shock."
That has to be the dumbest thing anyone has ever said. Graphic art is by far the easiest of art forms.. it takes no talent to make a digital painting, and only about an hour to learn any of the techniques graphic artists use.. i used to be a graphic artist before i realized just how dumb of a profession it was,
now im fine with using digital paintings as a concept art, something to be turned into an ACTUAL painting, but graphic design is not art. (this does not include photographs (but not all photographs are art either))

This guy has fantastic concepts, and while creepy and a waste of time, hes very creative. id have alot more respect for him if he actually carved his face into the mold rather than just sticking it in there.
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I think people need to find out a bit more about the artist before they jump to conclusions about why he made it... It's more than just for shock.
Also why can't art be for entertainment, why can it be ridiculous or gimmicky? In then end, it's only art. Let's get over modernism already.
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what is with the conceptual art haters on neatorama??

why cant you just say, "hey i'm not into it." and move on, instead of attempting to bash on something you really dont understand?

conceptual art is about the theory, the concept. its new, is weird, sometimes it sucks, but the very fact that there are 35+ comments on this post means that it was indeed successful.

why cant we have an insightful, intelligent conversation about the merits of the work instead of bashing on art as a whole? i am of the mind that anything can be art, all it takes is intention. if i point to dog poo and say its art, its art, and i think thats fantastic! everyone can do it and thats what makes it wonderful to me! we're all artists! we're all creators and we're all learning new and unique ways to create our reality.
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Is the idea of a portrait mask in frozen blood taken from a recent novel? Or vice versa? See Lauren Kelly's (pseud. of Joyce Carol Oates) 2009 novel Blood Mask http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Mask-Suspense-Lauren-Kelly/dp/0061119032
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