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Mice will often eat each other in displays of dominance if you are not careful in grouping them. I worked in a research lab where it was not uncommon to find only tails left after a less dominant mouse was eaten by a more dominant one. I doubt the mythbusters intentionally set out to make the mice eat each other.
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I hate odd numbers unless they're divisible by 5. It absolutely drives me insane to see them and I have to either look away or somehow change it. I think it's probably more of a quirk than OCD, though my mother is a compulsive hand washer. Her hands are permanently dry and scaly from all the washing she does.

My friend is much much worse than me. She can't step on cracks or go in circles. We were walking in a circular cul-de-sac the other day and she started hunching over and swaying from side to side to "undo" the circle.
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Level 29 isn't working for me. My boyfriend did it on his laptop and it worked fine. When I did it on my computer it didn't work, and he tried it and it still didn't work. I looked at all these pics on how to do it and it still won't work. Is there something else you have to do after you connect all the lines?
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I heard the same thing about Vlad being a Romanian hero. I think I saw it on a vampire special on the history channel, but I don't quite remember.

I always think of Elizabeth Bathory when it comes to vampire lore, or at least more so than Vlad.
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I use something similar on my dog, except the handle is more oval-shaped. The comb part is the same though, and let me tell you, the first time I used it on her, it looked like she had spawned a twin. She's a husky/shepherd mix and this was in the summer so her coat wasn't long like a golden's, but there was an insane amount of fur everywhere, and it filled up an entire standardish sized trash can. The amount of fur was surprising, so it could be possible for those photos to be real.
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Didn't scare me, it just made me cry when his mom died. I love that movie.

However Fern Gully scared the crap out of me. Hexxus was a scary guy.
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Calico cats are almost always female, but there are some rare exceptions, so maybe it is a male? I couldn't tell if the video mentioned the sex because my Japanese isn't that advanced yet.

On a side note, orange/ginger cats are almost always male, with rare exceptions being female.
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Haha I've never heard those French jokes before, I'll have to write those down.

See, it's not hard to laugh about jokes about your country! Being French, I do it all the time. Lighten up people.
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Oh noes somebody is making fun of America!!! cry cry cry

You people make fun of other countries all the damn time, France comes to mind easily. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.
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