Bizarro: "American" Crash Test Dummy.

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Haha, I'm French too, and those are some funny jokes! The soap one is the only one I've heard thou LOL. And ya, the fat jokes? OLD AS CRAP! Make new jokes about something else, like stuff about all the Druggies in America :D We has plenty of them around here!

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It's played a lot, but that makes it funny. I laughed when I saw it, and think that was a great idea to draw X3

Keep up the good work! Love the t-shirt too, gotta get one of these >3
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I got another one for you people telling Americans to stop crying over "LULZ! IT'S FUNNY CUZ ITS TROO" jokes:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

I personally don't delight in preying on other nationalities over exaggerated or outright false stereotypes. I dislike being characterized as obese just because I'm American, and being laughed at and told "it's true" despite the fact I am not obese.

Hey, I'm one of those stupid yanks, so I MUST be as fat as a blimp!

Someone said they can't wait for obesity rates to catch up in the rest of the world, but here's the thing: It's already happening.

Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom all have obesity rates of over 20%, not far off from the United States' obesity rate.
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It's not that making fun of America can't be funny, because it can, but this joke has been played over and over again so many times that it's just really stale.
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