Billy Mays Has Died

First it was David Carradine, then Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Now, infomercial king Billy Mays is dead. Celebrities are dying left and right!

The 50-year-old known for his shouting OxiClean ads was pronounced dead at 7:45 a.m. The Hillborough County medical examiner will perform an autopsy, Tampa police Lt. Brian Dugan said.

Mays was on the US Airways flight from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Tampa on Saturday that had a hard landing at Tampa International Airport when the plane's front tire blew out. There were no reported injuries on Flight 1241, US Airways told CNN.

According to a local Tampa TV station, Mays said: "All of a sudden as we hit you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head."

No words whether the a bump in the head, which caused the death of actress Natasha Richardson a couple of months ago, is also responsible for Billy May's death. CNN has the news: Link

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I am so glad, that i don't have to jump channels anymore. Mute alone would not have helped [except on the TV guide channel] Such an annoying idiot. He had no idea what to do with his hands. Every professional gesture and voice analyst would have told you, that all his advertising is a scam. I really doubt, that he ever used any of his products himself. They were crappy junk of no use at all and well overprized. a similar item was always available at the next dollar store for a fraction and you didn't have to pay additional shipping and processing for a second one.
Like so many other TV hosts, who never learned how to use gestures he is one of the persons who think useless walking around, fast and loud speaking or wild gesturing makes you appear dynamic. The opposite is true.
The next two guys I cannot wait to see disappear from the TV screen forever is that stupid Steve Bunell from the various cop show, who always walks around wildly and thinks that make him more appealing, and second the stupid man in the suit with the question mark.
Than there is a whole list of other scam artist from bowel movement to instant internet millionaires and real esttate tycoons for $ 517.13 [note the thirteen!].

By the way.
Billy mays had serious trouble with alcohol, He punished his liver severley for being in there. The autopsy should have mentioned this as well.

And one other hint for Mister Bunell! If you cannot resist the urge to walk around police cars, do it in a way, that your lower body is not in the frame. Or put a sock in it. You look like a girl. ...And your not very intelligent word games are so freaking boring, that i cannot stand it anymore. Police are crooks too. Look around. Grandmothers and priests are stunned with 20000 volts, convicted for corruption. imprisoned for murder suspicion, drug smuggling, bribes and so on. You are just one guy in the middle of a crowd of average guys, not in an army of undisputed heros!

an addition. he is still on air. I still have to change channels, DO NOT BUY FROM DEAD PEOPLE!
I feel so sorry for Farrah, Michael jackson and all the other people up there [if there is heaven] that they have to endure this idiot for eternity. But than, he must go in the opposite direction for his massive fraud.
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Another "celebrity" who was 50 just died. He had a lot going for him.

May Billy Mays rest in peace despite some of the negative things people say.
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