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This is the only movie I ever walked out of before it finished. I was on a date and we were surprized to learn that it was a musical. I tried to stick it out but she finally convinced me to leave with her. To this day, I have not seen the whole film.
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Regarding the study on virgin nerds, I read about an online anonymous study that concluded that males 16-25 that consider themselves nerds get lots of sex, all the time. Weird.
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That reminds me of this old guy that used to live on a lake where I grew up. He'd stand in waist deep water with a cracker and a bat to catch his dinner. He said it was easier and faster than using a pole and hook. Oh, he used to drink a lot too.
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I never understood how anyone considered broken glass attractive or pleasing. Ugly.

If I was so broke I had to use garbage as decor, I guess I could suffer with it.
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Came here to submit SteveR's answer. But after looking at the picks on the "What is it?" site, I don't think that'sit, and don't have an answer.

I'll guess a cockpit for an absolute land speed record vehicle.
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Here's another of Wally Pacholka's Milky Way pics taken from a cave. This guy really knows how light and film work.
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I've been riding motorcycles since I was 6 years old and had my share of spill and close calls at typ sized speeds and distance from the ground. By the time I was ready to drive on the road I had enough experience and common sense. Still, if you ride a bike, odds are you'll whip out at some point.

I know of too many people that got their first bike and tried to 'see what it'll do' and died, or if they were lucky, only severely injured themselves, and everyone in their family became motorcycle-phobic.

Clarkson is a comic with his comments, and may be from one of these families, considering his dad's rules.
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Reminds me of 'Face Bagels' I used to make using garnishes on cream cheese bagels for the kids of a great family that used to come to the café I worked at years ago. Fun stuff.
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