Whoa: Evolved Superbird Fishes Like a Human

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One small step for birds, one scary pre-Planet-of-the-Apes warning sign for human beings. Watch the bird snag some bread being tossed to its less-intelligent cousins and then use it to attract some fish to snack on.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Urbanist.

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I like how the guy in the video sounds like he's really enthusiastic about what he's seeing. It takes quite a person to realize something special is happening before him. :)
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I kinda agree with UnreaL, what a cute commentator! He's sounds genuinely fascinated with the behaviour. It's great when it shows that you really enjoying something-and awesome bird!
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I agree with the 'adapted' thing. A lot of people misunderstand evolution.

Anyhow, I also thing this dude should get a job as a narrator for some nature shows or whatnot. :)
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@wit of a twit

This is true that it is a learned behavior, since the birds themselves are using materials that are available to them by an external source since they unable to bake the bread. Although, it would be cool if they could bake bread!
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Crows and Ravens are wildly intelligent. There are piles of videos on youtube of crows and ravens doing clever things. Josh Klein actually built a vending machine that crows figured out how to use. To the extent they were stealing change from commercial vending machines around the area.
I always find myself amazed at how clever some animals are, specifically scavenger species like crows and squirrels.
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