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If we lived in Switzerland and I really wanted to kill my husband, all I would have to do is order this service! He would drop dead of a heart attack on the spot. I think "It" kind of blew it for our generation and clowns.
I'm not frightened of clowns, but I find this incredibly creepy.
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Dawn already saves birds covered in oil and shoots commercials about it (by the way, do they shoot the commercials after an unfortunate incident, or do they dip the birds in petroleum just so they can clean them for the cameras). Now they can claim foxes in their lineup.
Plus it keeps your hands silky smooth!
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This is the mother of a dying child we are talking about. She had certainly been under stress, and was more than likely not eating or sleeping well at all. With the remarkable swift recovery of her daughter, is it any wonder that her mind turned toward the miraculous?
It would certainly seem like that to her, I am sure. Grief can do funny things to people. It is certainly no reason to shoot them or take away their right to vote. Some people here need to chill out a little.
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You know how a lot of times after a fire people with faulty smoke detectors say they were awakened in just the nick of time by their loyal pooches? I have a feeling Cindy the Poodle might just let her mistress snooze while she jets it out the doggy door.
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I'm pretty sure my husband has paradoxical insomnia. He falls asleep immediately, snores and kicks me all night long, and then wakes up in the morning, telling me that he is exhausted and didn't sleep a wink all night.
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When my sister graduated from high school it was the school's 10th anniversary (a big deal). Sherando High School, it was, and they printed out SHERMANDO High School on every single diploma cover.
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I only missed the Whopper vs. Baja question, but that's because I'm not familiar with the second item. The others...I guess that's what I get for being a former anorexic. Did you know a Snickers bar has 14 grams of fat? Yeah. It never leaves.
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