Evil Clown Service

Sure, you could hire a funny clown to entertain people, but why not hire an evil clown to stalk and torment someone? That's the service that Dominic Deville of Lucerne, Switzerland, according to a report in the Austria Times:

First he contacts 'victims' to tell them they're being watched.

Then he taunts them with texts, phone calls and booby trapped letters warning them that at sometime in their party he's going to smash a cake into their face.

http://austriantimes.at/news/Around_the_World/2010-04-13/22467/Evil_clown_laughs_all_the_way_to_the_bank_ via Nerdcore | Photo: Europics | Previously on Neatorama: Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

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Dear #5,

yes, it's true, we do not eat bacon around here. As much as I would like to decline that sentence to something that is more suitable of your opinionism, I think it would be easier if you just bought a machine gun and showed the world your outrage about the sheer existence of people who, to cut this short and execute a nicely cynical change in style, weigh less than 500 pounds.

Yours faithfully,

Max Power
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Ok, this is just for fun, since I'm logged in as someone I find quite annoying. Why do you hate America, or is it Americans?... and "we don't eat 'bacon' here"??? WTF, your opinion is like your a**hole, no one wants to hear it.
I enjoy Neatorama, I know everyone can comment as they feel fit about the content of an article, but what is the cause of Max Powers' blatant anti-Americanism???
Yours truly. (not) Max Power
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If we lived in Switzerland and I really wanted to kill my husband, all I would have to do is order this service! He would drop dead of a heart attack on the spot. I think "It" kind of blew it for our generation and clowns.
I'm not frightened of clowns, but I find this incredibly creepy.
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