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Instead of making the world's greatest car with 150 mpg and great 0-60 times and outstanding handling and superior safety, these clowns decided to make the world's most expensive car by adding diamonds and gold and whale penii to a pretty standard SUV.

Good job, morons.
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I'll say what a lot of people are thinking.

The guy is kind of a doosh. His nickname is "Racer X" and he gets a license plate with 7 Xs on it.

He deserves all the tickets he gets.

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Did anybody else keep looking for the button to switch it over to notation??

I kept looking to the bottom of the screen for the "notation" button.
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But surely it goes for LONG stretches without any residences or stop signs and there can't be the same speed limit over the whole length. Or not?
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6 weeks in jail isn't the worst part. The worst part is explaining to the other inmates WHY you are in jail and then having them see the picture of the person you exposed yourself to.

Steohawk, I vote for drama queen.
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It's no worse than golf umbrellas. Geez, people, if a drop of rain hits you, you won't melt.

On the other hand, your huge f-ing umbrella is taking up the whole sidewalk.
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