Censored Scenes From the Early Days of Cinema

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In the 1920s and 1930s, censorship of movies was often goverened by local boards, and achieved by snipping the scenes from the film reels.  It won't surprise anyone that those clipped film segments were sometimes saved.  Here a number of them have been assembled into a montage, which was submitted to the 2007 72 Hour Film Festival in Frederick, Maryland.

Censors of that period seem to have been particularly interested in feet.  The video is probably safe for work (depending on where you work).

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It wasn't Al Gore who championed censorship in music (the PMRC, as it was called), it was his wife, Tipper, and a few other congresscritters' wives and such.

And like everyone else, I found the music very, very disturbing. Anyone know what it is?

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is not the music a variation on the haunted mansion ride from disney, or is the haunted mansion ride a variation of this? music is creepy, it's just a music box interpretation of something (which admittingly i don't know what it is)...i enjoy seeing this, who cares about the intro, or if someone is spreading their views...i enjoy it for seeing it...4 minutes of my life to watch something that is more entertaining than a rickroll, that is neatorama worthy
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"Who are WE to look back and say the censors were wrong?"

We are the ones who aren't so insipid, timid, superstitious or immature. At least, some of we are.
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