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I believe that's a SIG Sauer P226 as well. While somewhat popular here in the US, a M1911A1 or a Glock would have been a better choice. Or since the European was trying to "humorously" exaggerate things, a giant chrome S&W revolver.

I don't care if the Germans, the Russians or the San Marinese decide to overrun the continent, next time we Americans should just let them.
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No one forced the people he fought into the ring. If you don't want to honor Ali or any other boxer that's fine, but don't give us this "one should not honor" garbage. I'll honor (or not) who I want.

BTW, do you ever drive a car, truck or motorcycle or fly a plane? Then you risk killing or crippling others, don't you?
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@ Nihil

I heard 'manganese', too, but later in the clip the Prof definitely says magnesium. Maybe they tried manganese first and when it didn't work, switched to magnesium?
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Dear Xerox,

Your old logo was fine. Whoever told you you should change it probably has shares in whatever printing company you jobbed out the changeover to.


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I feel bad for such creatures - humans can be damned short-sighted, but you can as easily blame nature for not introducing predators that would have caused more survival oriented evolution.

It is hard for me to imagine non-domesticated creatures who aren't at least wary of humans.
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