Instant Heart Attack.

Yes - that's right, a single serving of pork brain in milk gravy has 3,500 mg of cholesterol or 1,170% of the daily recommended intake! Found at Jeff Kay's West Virginia Surf Report.

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Uh, "Dr" Mike, what advice would you give then, oh, ye of the Great Medical Knowledge?

How about the medical facts that such a level of cholesterol is unhealthy - you might want to refer to the list of states leading the obesity epidemic. Or how about the fact that brains are often a respository for animal contaminants? And what the hell is the "blood-brain" barrier? Do you believe there's no blood in your brain?

If you like 'em, you like 'em. There are regional foods all over the place and in moderation all can be (ugh) eaten. I can be sure it has nothing to do with your 1) culture (North/South be damned), 2) your politics (uh, how did Obama get here? George Bush anyone?), or 3) where you choose to live (you think northerners are moving southward?)

Try eating a can of Polite in Don't-Look-Stupid gravy.
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I like Caryolyn's blog, and she is right. I'd also like to ask the question: Has anyone heard of the blood-brain barrior? That's the membrane that protects the brain from chemicals, trama, etc. Anyway, most chemical compounds cannot penetrate that barrior, except grape-seed extract. So, brains are one of the healthiest meats you can eat. Think about that while you eat your next serving of tofu from China soaked in Swine Flu feces.
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Well, that's one food I won't have to give up. It might as well say Pork Poo on the label for all the difference it would make for me!!!! Sorry everyone, but there are some things that just aren't worth it and brains in milk are it for me!!!
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Hey JC, I'm from Texas and want all these Armour "Pork Brains and Milk Gravy" sent to us southerners where we appreciate them. I'm sure the Yankees will keep the "pork" part and actually want the "Obama Brains", which they can have.
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What a bunch of food woosies you are here, commenting without medical knowledge. Such over-reactionaries. You'd eat it now starving, or way back when. And it's a good-tasting, well-done product. Your ignorant over-hyped reaction will probably get this Armour product pulled when it would be a wonderful export product to 3rd world countries for 4 year old or younger brain nutrition. Why just through good meat product offal away when there's a world to feed. But, save some for me to have with my liver and onions.
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