Do Water Bottles on Sidewalk Discourage Dogs from Peeing?

Neatorama reader Darren Barefoot noticed there are a lot of water bottles positioned on the sidewalk, flush to the wall in front of homes in Malta.

Apparently, they serve a peculiar purpose: to discourage wayward dogs from peeing on the spot!

Does anyone know whether this actually works? Link - Thanks Darren!

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I have been told that it only works with clear bottles of water. When the dog sees his reflection he thinks it is another dog and will not pee there because he thinks it is another dogs territory. Since dogs don't go around looking at themselves in mirrors, like people they have no idea they're looking at themselves.
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Well guys I have to say it works. Two tom cats had been pooing on my lawn since last summer (around 9 months) until a friend arrived from Japan who said: 'bottles of water'. I scattered a few about, certain it wouldn't work, but it's been ages now, fantastic! Apparently it's common knowledge in Devon also ('cats won't walk near water').

I couldn't speak for dogs..
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Apparently this was originally a radio hoax for April Fools Day.

People have believed it ever since, and (obviously) still do it.

It went right around the world. I'm in New Zealand, and you still see some people here with water bottles on their front lawn.
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This water bottle thing is an Aprils Fools joke originating in New Zealand. Well over 25 years ago (on Aprils Fools Day remember) two professional gardeners were on the radio giving gardening tips. Whether it was a planned joke or not, they started saying a plastic bottle of water on front lawns will stop dogs pooing there. And LO! - the next day there were a few bottles on lawns. Then, over the next while, many bottles and so on. Then a year or so later the hoax jumped the Tasman Sea to Australia. After that the two gardeners decided to say it was all a joke. I haven't seen a water bottle on a NZ lawn for many years but am incredulous they are around the world.
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