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I was simultaneously Chess Club and Latin Club president in one year of high school, the same year I memorized pi to 314 digits, and played bassoon in orchestra and marched the flugelhorn.
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One of the first things I asked my wife when I first met her, upon finding out that she was from Venezuela, was if there was in fact such a thing as Venezuelan beaver cheese. She had no idea what I was talking about seeing that 1) there is no such thing and 2) she's not a Monty Python fan. Married her anyway.

Monty Python's humour isn't lost on the newest generation. My twelve-year-old son loves it.
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Admiral Prazuck told French TV station La Chaine Info the pirates seemed to be surprised that the navy ship fought back.
Because it was flying a French flag.
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Mr. T finally completed his golden necklace collection when he got "First Lady on a Chain" for Christmas, although he rarely used it for everyday use.
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z0mg, ayncent card is LOL! FTW!!!1!!
I can haz delyd dinnrz, k thx, bai
ROFBMGOATHNOTHI (Rolling on the floor, barfing my guts out at the hilarious nature of this humorous item)
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I'm losing my faith in this site... to think - we were all beaten by a fart joke.

I thought there were some truly original and funny comments here. Way to fail, Neatorama.
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