What's The Nerdiest Thing You've Ever Done?

Yesterday, I asked our Twitter followers and Facebook Fans to answer this question: What's  the nerdiest thing you've ever done?

Here are my Top 10 favorite responses:
10. Amy Whinston said: I had a job solving Rubicks Cubes in a gift shop to attract customers.

9.Nancie Nguyen said: During bedroom role play, a boyfriend asked me to be a samurai ninja. I agreed hahaha.

8. Mark L. Bajorek said: Probably building a small TV jammer in high school just to annoy my sister at home. Those were pre-cable days though...

7. scared_of_bees said: Once, after an art club social, I spotted
and subsequently collected a large leopard slug specimen to take home
to photograph.

6. Eric Johnson said: I once had a (surprisingly heated) argument about the merits of Ewoks vs. Tribbles. I sided with the Ewoks, for the record.

5. hellobrowneyes said: I had a nerd birthday party. Invites on
floppy disks, guess the scientist, and giant microbes as party favors.

4. Denise Yazak said: I reserved Bioshock 2 at Toys R' Us and Gamestop just to get the swag at each store. I went to Gamestop's midnight release to get the multiplayer downloadable content with my special edition, and took the day off of work to get the figurines with my regular edition at Toy's R' Us at 10am the next day. Yep.

3. xadrian said: Built a Lego ship based on an obscure starship from a Star Wars comic – photos of it here

2. Our own John Farrier said: When I was in high school, a hot girl once came up to me and seductively (and teasingly) asked "Is that a calculator in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" I immediately pulled a calculator out of my pocket.

And my number-1 favorite: Kevin Sexton said: My wife and I calculated the date that our niece turned 3.14, and we had a fancy apple pie delivered for her pi birthday. Next day on Twitter, her mom said about us, "They're nerds, but they're pie-sending nerds"

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I drank lots of alcohol at a party, and when I was only just beginning to get drunk I escaped back to my dorm room and sat reading my chemistry text book for hours straight, absolutely fascinated. Thankfully, I remembered everything the day afterward. :P
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This was a good while ago, but friends still won't let me live it down.

I went on a date with a girl and it was going nice and smoothly. Near the end of the night I thought it was time to lay it on thick and broke out my favorite and greatest pick-up line. I leaned in nice and close and said,

"So, we should reduce our kerning, and possibly turn it into leading."
When she didn't get it, I was had the next one ready, "We should head out and possibly make a ligiture."

Safe to say, the rest of the night was awkward
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I ignored the other nerd in H.S, when I found out he had a crush on me, though he was always nice /kind to me. I had no social skills. 20 years later-a chance encounter with his sister lead to emails and a friendship meal--that ended in a park making out like teenagers at 2am! He proposed in his underpants--NOT romantic!
He then had to face my father for permission--with the whole family at the house--my father ran him thru the ringer for an hour--with jokes--before we all celebrated.
Been married 10 years now.

I also made and sold Tribbles in high school for pocket money!
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Lol nice list. I think we can all relate to being a nerd at some point in our lives. Seriously, who can't?

Lisa J ASIB.org
What's the point of life said the guy up there? There is no point he said!
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This was before the days of walkman and mp3-
When I was 7, my dad gave me a diy-radioset without batteries - just a coil, some transistors, clobs, switches, an earpiece and about 15ft of antenna-wire.
Soon enough, I wanted to be able to listen to the radio to school to be able to listen during classes. So it to me 2 weeks for me to build that little radio in by schoolbag in such a way that I still could handle the tuner and use the earpiece. It still had the long antenna-wire lying around my desk and chair when I installed myself and then I had to turn my head to the left and my left leg stretched to get some soundquality in my earpiece.
I was able to use it for 2 days and then mysteriously I got cought because the teacher saw me sitting so warped and he figured out the faint crackling noises and the wires came from me.
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