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I was a late-comer to Doctor Who, not keeping up with the series revival until a few years ago. Since then I've caught up on everything from the 9th and 10th Doctors, and was super excited for the 11th. I have high hopes for the 11th Doctor and Amy, who I think are making a great pair so far.

Also, TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space - Dimension, not Direction (
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Your comparison falls a little flat because you've simplified bowling, but not simplified golf. I can just as easily say, "You're just trying to get the ball in the hole every time, right?" With bowling, there are different ways to get a strike, and different strategies depending on how you choose to curve the ball; fairly analogous to how you choose to approach the hole in golf.

Lane conditions change over the course of the game, as well as simply bowling on different oil patterns as a whole, which require a good bowler to be able to bowl in different ways, even though they're always trying to achieve that same effect.
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"the left hand goes up to down, the right hand goes left to right. makes it very confusing "

Not true, both hands follow the same pattern. Unless it's changed between when you posted and when I'm posting.
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This becomes potentially dangerous if they find that "obsessed" drivers spend more time than they should glancing down at the MPG rating instead of looking at the road.
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Many dog trainers advocate the use of a treadmill to exercise your dog. But, as said above, this can not fully replace actually walking your dog. Walking is an activity which feeds a dog's pack mentality and when done correctly reinforces that the human is in charge and creates well behaved dogs.

But on those rainy or busy days when your dog needs some exercise to chill out, a treadmill is a great substitute.
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An interesting, if heavy handed video.

As a semi recent college grad, nothing here really surprised me. However, is it really so different now than say, thirty years ago? Is the work load different? Is the need to work and make money as a student new? Hasn't there always been the tug of social versus academic life? Sure, the internet causes its problems, its distractions (I post this message from work, you see) - but does its harm outweigh its benefits? Could this video be made and distributed without it?

Complain about taking classes that don't directly relate to your chosen path? You're a college student - are you sure the path you've chosen is the right one? How many people change their majors? Is it so bad that your college makes you take Gen Ed courses that might broaden your horizons or help you be more rounded?

Do you, as a student, actually have a right to complain? Aren't you one of the privileged?
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Since it sounds like there is a goal to the maze, there's a potential that using the right-hand rule to traverse the maze could lead you to the exit before finding "the cheese." It would actually be very devious of them if they explicitly designed the maze to foil the right hand rule in this way.
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