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Aliens will most likely follow the non-aggression principle (wiki:, and as such, will not interfere with with the property rights of any given sentient species. If they fail to follow the NAP, then they will likely either destroy themselves before developing the means to destroy a scientific civilization in another star system or be destroyed themselves by another more powerful race that follows the NAP (which retaliated upon its violation).

More than likely, any civilization that submits to collectivism (and its twin children nationalism and racism) will not only tear themselves apart with war, but they will succumb to the economic destruction that is socialism. Willingness to violate the rights of individuals will lead them to their doom (as is the case on our own planet right now).
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9 out of ten people have had sex, so I guess that rape is ok.

Great logic.

If we tried to do the things that our government does, we'd be executed for it.
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That is a good idea when you know you are going to be in prison for a long time. It ups the intimidation factor 100x. More than likely, you'd be left alone by the other inmates who would fear you (on a primal/subconscious level), and would probably not want to rape you.

Prison is not a fun place, and people go to a lot of extremes to survive there, which tends to mark them for life, just as much as that prison record does.
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I wonder if people in California will realize the extent of this boondoggle when their power bills double over the next year?

"Green" energy is not economical when it is supported by government subsidy. Wind turbines are enormously expensive to maintain, and they can't be used for base power load.

If you really want green energy, remove all subsidies from all forms of power production (and standardize regulation of each type so they are treated the same by the government), and you will find that the cheapest form of power has the lowest net footprint of any of the production methods, because it is creating the most power for the least amount of input (ie money). This is the basis of free market economics, and it ALWAYS works, in every field, and under every condition. The free market in this nation was destroyed a hundred years ago, and we have been moving on momentum ever since. Well, we've been at a complete stop for almost a decade, and are now starting to reverse course.

Prepare to be the world's first Deindustrialized economy!
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Ok, next up, eating is elective, so we now impose a 20% tax on all food sold in the country in order to help pay for sick people. Then clothing, then we have a straight up national sales tax, then a second income tax.

All because government healthcare is a boondoggle that will balloon to ten times the expected cost within a decade, just like Medicare did, all while providing inferior service, leaving long wait times, and creating ample opportunity for unchecked fraud, just like Medicare. Thanks .gov! Maybe next time you should leave it to .com and .org?
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Global temperatures have been going down since 1998. This is indisputable fact.

People are in hysterics about global warming, such that it has become like a religion to them. The problem is that that religion worships death and poverty (the only two things that can really reduce humanity's carbon footprint).

And honestly, you're going to leave a blog because only 2/3rds of the people believe the way you do? I guess you live in a walled compound.
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Wow, I don't know who came up with that, but it's awful. Ben Franklin invented it and called it the armonica. Why on Earth would someone change the name to that? They might as well have called it the glass guitar.
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I've used all three OSes extensively (Windows, Linux, and OSX), and I have to say that OSX is by far the easiest and now the most versatile OS out there.

I'm not sure why people are complaining that they have to throw out their macs after a few years. I had one that was ten years old that ran everything I needed just fine until a couple of years ago when I started wanting to play PC games via boot camp, at which point I dropped $1200 on a used Intel Mac (G5 tower). I have been very happy with it, and it does everything I want, including playing the most graphics intensive PC games (and even the old stuff that I missed from my Windows days, like Alpha Centauri--since I can have multiple versions of Windows).

My Dad is still struggling with PC issues, and has been for years. After seeing how easy it is, ad how you can get a nice computer for not too much used, and seeing how long they last, and how they aren't so vulnerable to system decay as Windows is, he's finally been convinced, and has said that his next computer will be a Mac.

I have bought one new Apple computer in my life, a Mac mini, which didn't do the job I wanted it for, but has been repurposed as a media center with great results. If you want a great computer for cheap, don't get the Mini, instead go for a used Mac, especially within a month or two of the release of a new generation of hardware. You can get a great deal on a top of the line last generation computer that will last you for 5-8 years easily, and perhaps longer, if you don't want to play new games ;).
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People have a right to do what they want with their property. Government needs to get its big fat nose out of other people's business.

Honestly, if conditions in your apartment are bad, MOVE OUT. If you can't afford your apartment, FIND A PLACE YOU CAN AFFORD. It isn't the landlord's responsibility to provide you with free shelter any more than it is McDonald's responsibility to provide you with free food. If landlords could get rid of deadbeats when they wanted to, rents would be much cheaper EVERYWHERE, since honest, paying customers wouldn't have to make up for deadbeats.

If you want to understand what happens when governments interfere with voluntary transactions like this, then read this comic book:
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The mythbusters often has trouble getting permits for small explosives. I doubt if they would be able to get permits to make such awesome vehicles.

The producers will probably be in Guantanamo within a few weeks.
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The brigands didn't know that to hunt on the King's land means two years in the Stockade, and a cutting of the ears!

Seriously, how can you steal wildlife? Who do these guys think owns the land they guard from subsistence hunters?
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