Robot Wildlife Snares Poachers

So you're driving through a national forest and see a bunch of wild turkeys. You take out your rifle and start firing. Then suddenly up pop some state game officers from behind bushes and they yell "Game and Fish Department! Cease fire! Put down
your weapon!"

You got caught in a sting and most embarrassing of all, they weren't real turkeys, they were robots. 

Tiny radio-controlled motors allow wildlife officers to move a decoy's head, ears, and tail.  The robots even have shiny reflective eyes, just like the real thing.

The robotic decoys come in several varieties including black bear, white-tail deer, and even a swimming moose.

Photo: Custom Robotic Wildlife

"The people that shoot at decoys are wildlife thieves, said Lt. Steve Lane. "They're not hunters."

Link - via news

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

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Reminds me of the park in Crockadile Dundee (which is another movie I just thought of that would have fun facts to hear about) where he sets up the stuffed kangaroo to look like it's holding a rifle and firing a the hunters.
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The brigands didn't know that to hunt on the King's land means two years in the Stockade, and a cutting of the ears!

Seriously, how can you steal wildlife? Who do these guys think owns the land they guard from subsistence hunters?
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