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This so reminds me of a site popular around the office about 5 years ago for trolling coworkers. Weeeelcome to zombo.com ... this is zombo.com ...
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Games which truly are artworks are very few and far between, but that does not mean that they don't exist. Most games, let's be honest, are cheap entertainment done for entertainment value only, akin to pulp crime novels (are they art?).

For true art in video games, see (or rather, experience) Ico, Rez, Shadow of the Colossus and Okami. That's about it in terms of true art in videogames.
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Anonym, TIR is not in Turkish, it's an international sign and the acronym is for the French “transit international routier”. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TIR_Treaty.
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I'm not too sure about this. Once you take the phone off hook and start dialing a number, the phone exchange will not wait for you indefinitely to complete dialing your number - after some time you'll get an error or busy signal. Otherwise you would be reserving the resources of the phone system for no use. Possibly some places don't have this sort of timeout in place, but I would bet it was more an anomaly than the norm.
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I want this guy to comment all the discovery channel documentaries instead of the oh-so-dramatic narration typically provided. :)
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You missed one bit of trivia: Hitchcock actually did show a breast on screen, albeit out of focus.

A detailed description is here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0054215/faq#.2.1.9

In the clip above, it's at about 1:31.
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The 2:26 glitch to me looks like a mpeg transmission error which caused the decoder to shift the chroma to the right.

Not to get too technical, basically video transmission does not work with RGB pixels (red/green/blue intensities) but with luminance (luma) and chrominance (chroma). Luminance being basically a black and white picture of light intensities, and chrominance being a picture just of colour information. When the glitch occurs, the entire colour information shifts to the right and you can see a blob of brown colour to the right of the cup. There is also a shadow to the right of the fold in the backdrop. The video stabilizes after having a further glitch manifesting as scattered blocks.

See here for example of what is luma/chroma: http://images.digitalmedianet.com/2007/Week_9/pu0br08v/story/photo_luma_chroma.jpg

What you saw in the video was the colour being shifted momentarily.
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This reminds me of another one:

Two sodium atoms are walking down the road chatting. All of a sudden, one stops and turns to its friend looking worried:

Na#1: "Oh, no... I think I've lost an electron!"
Na#2: "What... are you sure?"
Na#1: "Yes, I'm positive!"
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Can they do that in car advertising? If I were selling a vacuum cleaner and made up a clever CGI ad which showed the vacuum cleaner to be an intelligent transforming robot which went around the house vacuuming by itself - and it didn't, I'd get sued for false advertising. How is this different? If you're advertising a car that transforms into a dancing robot or a small briefcase, then better damn well be prepared to sell me one.
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