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And they say gamers can make the distinction between fake game violence and real life. Well clearly game developers can't. This is the proof. If the police had shot the guy can't say I would feel very sorry though probably I should.
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There is no question that it is our moral duty to relieve pain and suffering on this very planet we are now living on. Let's focus on that before worrying about the rest of the universe.
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Oh and "because some people assume service industry=subservience, even in America" just made me laugh.

"Even" in America? Service industry = subservience was INVENTED in America. It's what pretty much defines the culture over there.
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Wow, so your neighbor fled France? Anyway, even my friend who lives in China thinks Parisians are rude, so it must be true!

Funnily enough, Parisian waiters are saying almost the same thing, it goes like this: Why are American tourists always so rude?
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The first poster said it: mutual respect.

"The customer is always right" implies master-slave relationship. Sure you have to pay money, so what? The other had to make it. It's an equal relationship, you trade stuff, why that would imply subservience from one party does not follow logically.

Oh and another thing: making your employees live on tips (like they do in America) is basically turning them into beggars, as if being a slave was not enough.
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This is a joke right?
"SarcMark - Tell them how you really feel"

Here's how I really feel about this: ,,!,,
Mark that.

(Btw, it you wanted to tell someone how you really feel you wouldn't be using sarcasm in the first place.)
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What Joel said sounds a lot more reasonable than the supposedly "scientific" explanation from the article.

I put scientific in quotes because that explanation does not sound very scientific to me at all, more like something my grandmother would come up with.

For a great many people, the average day looks like this: get up, go to work, go back home, etc. This routine does not really change with the seasons. So we don't really spend that much more time outdoors in the summer than in the winter.
Also: what about people who work in the outdoors all the time, like construction workers, farmers, they never get the flu?
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The analogy used in the article is bad.
An internet subscription is not free and offers two very basic things: transmission of data at a certain speed. Both properties are not unlimited. Hence; if somebody else is using my connection they are affecting my data limit and decrease my speed.

About security: stealing something from an unlocked car is still stealing.
(And take note that many people are unaware about wireless security.)

(It would be ok if the name of the wireless network is something like: "Free for all wireless network!" or something to that effect.)
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