Survivors of Hell’s Fire: The Victims of a Mysterious Combustion

Spontaneous human combustion is not a recent phenemenon. In a contemporary illustration from Bleak House by Charles Dickens, William Guppy and Tony Weevle discover the smoking ashes that were once the evil Krook. Some people, however, have survived SHC. In 1974 Jack Angel lost his right arm after a fire. Some believe that the fire started internally!

On the night of November 12, 1974, he parked his trailer, which he had converted into a traveling showroom, at a Ramada Inn in Savannah, Georgia. He made up the bed, changed into his pajamas, and went to sleep.

Four days later, Angel woke up. He noticed that his right hand was black from the wrist to the fingertips. “It was just burned, blistered,” he told Arnold.” And I had this big explosion in my chest. It left a hell of a hole. I was burned … on my ankle, and up and down my back, in spots.”


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by MrGhaz.

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There is no SHC. It has been debunked. It is called "the wick effect".
look for a program from the BBC called Supernatural Science : Spontaneous Human Combustion.
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According to CSICOP, the UDC accounts for nearly all reported cases of spontaneous human combustion. For those of you not up-to-speed, the UDC is the Ubiquitous Dropped Cigarette.
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