30 Most Anticipated 2010 Movies

Film School Rejects runs down the 30 films slated for release this year that audiences are anxiously awaiting.  This year, many projects are coming out that I and my film-loving friends have been jawing about since last January.  The usual suspects are there -- Harry Potter, Iron Man 2, Alice in Wonderland.  But there are other titles coming out that, even though they don't get a lot of press, look fantastic.  For instance, The Adjustment Bureau:

Image: Universal Pictures

The Pitch: Phillip K. Dick’s short story about a man in a changing reality is brilliant and includes some very cool imagery that would translate well to film. I have no idea if it’s been translated with this adaptation, but George Nolfi (in his first stint as director) is a great writer, and Matt Damon is one of the best working actors today. Pair him with Emily Blunt, toss in Terence Stamp and Anthony Mackie with a heavy dose of science fiction, and I have no idea why you wouldn’t get excited.

Catch the whole list at the link.  Did they leave anything off?


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Too bad PKD never wrote a story about an author, whose extrem paranoia came true post mortem by his corpse being gruesomely and repeatedly raped by hollywood executives which are all posessed by a god-like hive mind called mammon. the dickesque twist in this story would be that the industry was more crazy and cynical then the author THE WHOLE TIME and actually methodically created their demon instead of getting their creativity destroyed by it, like they plea in the beginning of the first act.

Now THAT story, they would've got right.
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I can't wait for Expendables, it just looks like the sort OTT action films I like. If I want to be intellectually challenged, I'll open a philosophy book; If I want to be entertained I watch an OTT action film! I hate 'smart' films...
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PKD films rarely bear any resemblance to the story on which they are ostensibly based. That may be a good thing really, it saves those of us who like his work from having to feel upset - we can just dismiss the films. Except Scanner, of course.

That doesn't mean the films themselves aren't worth watching, just that they're not the book - and this isn't the usual "It wasn't as good as the book" moan, this is a "The only relationship to the book is that it may have been used to prop up the editing table" sort of moan.
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