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Should have mailed it to Santa!

I bought a copy of George Takei's autobiography late last year at a second hand book shop. Opened it up when I got home to find that he's actually signed it as well:

'To Winifred, all best wishes, George Takei'

dated 12/14/94

I think that it's a bit of a keeper. :)
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Wow, what an idiot.

It's fairly standard as part of rental agreements in Australia for there to be surprise inspections, unfortunately.

There is never a nice thing to say about real estate agents. The one that we're with, Nelson Alexander, are completely useless.

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KFC, home of the ugly looking chicks. Because none of that is finger licking good at all...

(Sorry to lower the tone, but it had to be said!)
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I tried last year, and failed miserably. And this year I forgot about it! I'm maybe going to use the month to motivate myself and write a radio script in the month - they only tend to be 40 pages long though. :)
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And you guys suck, I'm trying to work out how to propose to my girlfriend at the moment. I know she'll say yes, but I still have the irrational fear that she'll say no. :)
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Reminds me of that singing bass you can get...

'Here's a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note but don't worry, be happy...'
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I think if they put more effort into the graffiti it would have proved their point, but they probably didn't want to linger!

Considering the theme though, wouldn't it just be contributing to the artworks?

(There's your next shirt there, neatorama. 'Contributing to the artwork') :)
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