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Nader's book was BS. The Corsairs were OK and everything he wrote about had be fixed before the book came out.

I'm all for safer cars, but the government didn't build anything reasonable.
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Never mind changing the oath, let's bring back dueling!

Sarah Palin vs. Nancy Pelosi!

Di Fi vs. Rush Limbaugh

Barky Boxer vs. Glenn Beck

No matter who wins, we'd be better off!
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To say that any lead contamination is toxic is just silly.

Without publishing quantitative analysis of the contaminate there is insufficient information to judge.
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[...] What your beer brand can reveal about you [...]

Seems like a lot of commenters here couldn't understand statistics or probability to save their lives.

Nothing in the article said anything like "all Bud drinkers hate authority", they just noticed a trend the researchers themselves didn't expect to see.
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The reason has been clear for thousands of years. The study didn't do anything that hadn't already been done with simple empirically gathered data.

I'm not against the scientific method, I support that wholeheartedly.
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Where do I go to get funded to study stuff like this? This fact has been known for thousands of years. Your legs are not identical in length.

I don't remember if it was in survival school or the Boy Scouts I first learned how to deal with this well known phenomenon. Or was it kindergarten? Shessh.
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Whoops, meant to add that that semi-automatic pistol seems to be malfunctioning. The slide normally locks back (open) on the last round. The kid isn't used to counting his rounds fired because normally he doesn't have to.
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